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ThinkForward was created in 2011 by Impetus.

Impetus transforms the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by ensuring they get the right support to succeed in school, in work and in life. Impetus finds, funds and builds the most promising charities focused on transforming the lives of disadvantaged young people.

During 2010 Impetus canvassed local stakeholders in Shoreditch to identify what was needed to reduce the risk of young people becoming NEET.  The overwhelming response was that while many services are available for young people, the most at risk young people need greater support to access and make effective use of these services.  The solution they developed was ThinkForward.

ThinkForward has benefited from a three-part support package from Impetus, which includes money, management support from their investment team and specialist expertise from pro bono professionals.  This has turbo-charged the development of ThinkForward so that we were quickly able to scale up the programme and achieve more than money alone could do.

“We’re proud of all that ThinkForward has achieved since we founded them. And even prouder of where they are now in their journey – an independent charity with a thirst for improvement. ThinkForward demonstrate that long-term commitment to young people who need that extra support pays dividends; it may not be easy, but seeing the young people come through the programme ready to take on the world makes it all worthwhile.”

         – Andy Ratcliffe, CEO of Impetus