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1,027,000 young lives put on hold

This morning we found out that 1,027,000 16 to 24 year olds (17% of the cohort) are currently not in education, employment or training (NEET) in England alone.  That’s 1,027,000 young lives put on hold. What a waste. This is the fourth year running that the Third Quarter NEET statistics have remained stubbornly above the one […]



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Mind the gap – the scandal of school-to-work transition

Youth unemployment is at record levels and the truth is that this is not purely a result of the recession or austerity measures; in fact, youth unemployment has been rising since the early 2000s.  If we are to stop this trend and fix the deeper structural issues surrounding youth unemployment we need to focus our […]



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Stemming the NEET tide

Debate around the shocking number of NEET young people and youth unemployment is inevitably focused on what the government is going to do NOW.  That’s important, but it makes no sense for all our efforts to be concentrated on emergency flood relief.  Just as urgent are solutions further up stream, because regardless of when we […]


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