Throughout a young person’s five-year journey on the programme we track outcomes, including progress developing their Ready for Work capabilities, improving attendance, attainment and progressing to further education and sustained employment.

ThinkForward supports young people most at risk of unemployment. They face a range of challenges:

• 77% are eligible for Free School Meals (15.2% is the number nationally)
• 50% have a registered special education needs or Education, Health & Care Plans (14.4% is the number nationally)
• 53% have below expected English and 90% below expected Maths attainment
• 75% have attendance under average

ThinkForward coaching

In 2016, we supported 1,152 young people across 18 communities in north-east London and Nottingham to reach their full potential. Our young people’s results speak for themselves and reflect the success of the programme to date:

• 74% of 14-16 year olds have improved their behaviour at school
• 57% achieved at least 5 A*-C GCSE grades, having been predicted ‘E’ grades for English and Maths
• 84% of participants who have graduated the programme are currently in further education, employment or training


We set a high standard for tracking long-term outcomes by following young people for 18 months after leaving the programme and check in a 3, 6 and 12 months. ThinkForward uses evaluation to improve the way our programme is designed in order to provide even better outcomes for the young people we support, for example:

• Identify whether particular programme activities consistently deliver better outcomes for young people
• Understand whether we are more effective in supporting young people with particular risk factors
• Understand the outcomes achieved by our participants relative to what would have happened anyway (the “counterfactual”) by using a control group
• Identify the cost savings against the outcomes young people achieve, in particular sustained employment